Free V Bucks :- Top 6 Method to Get it Legally (No generator);

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There is no disputing how popular Fortnite Games are. The latest statistics on the number of people playing Fortnite games mirrors 250 million players around the world. This is one of the most successful online gaming franchises in the market.

Avid Fortnite gamers, us included, know the value of V Bucks. V Bucks are in-game currency that you use to buy all sorts of swag. You can buy Battle Passes, weapons, skins, and cosmetic upgrades for your characters.

The bottom line is, we always want more V Bucks but V Bucks cost money which can be draining. So, are there ways to get Free V Bucks without spending a cent?

Well, Yes! In fact, there are dozens of ways you can earn free V Bucks in-game.

There are also other ways to earn free V Bucks on 3 rd -party websites. We are prepared to explain clearly and precisely how to earn as many Free V Bucks as you need.

While we’re at it, we would like to warn you about Free V Bucks Generators making rounds on the internet. Be cautious not to get involved in these SCAMS.

We only offer GENUINE and PROVEN ways for you to earn Free V Bucks. If you follow our guide, you will never spend a dime to buy V-Bucks. But before we go into the core of how to earn free V Bucks, let us explore more about Fortnite games.

This information will be a crucial point of reference as we trickle down the different ways to earn free V Bucks.

About Fortnite

Fortnite was released by Epic Games in 2017. It has three modes of playing Fortnite: Save the World, Fortnite: Battle Royale, and Fortnite Creative.

1. Fortnite: Save the World

In Save the World, groups of 4 players work together to survive in a world that is crumbling around them all while fighting off zombie-like monsters.

To win, you have to build fortresses, annihilate zombies, save the survivors, and work on pushing back the menacing storms. Rewards include hero characters, trap schematics, survivors, and cool weapons. You can also Level Up these rewards for stronger characters.

2. Fortnite: Battle Royale

Battle Royale is a Free-to-Play version of the Fortnite games. Even though Save the World was the first game released, Battle Royale has far surpassed it in players and popularity.

In Battle Royale, players are dropped from an airbus into a world full of enemies and storms. Each Battle Royale bout involves 100 players fighting for the ultimate title of Winner! You can choose to go solo or join forces with other players.

You have to quickly find weapons and safety while fighting off other players and looking out for approaching killer storms.

3. Fortnite Creative

Fortnite Creative is the latest release by Fortnite and is somehow a summation of the achievements from Battle Royale. In this version, players have the ultimate creative freedom to build their own habitats with cool graphics.

You can invite your friends over to your universe and even have friendly battles and activities. Now that we know all Fortnite Games and their goals, lets see how to get your hands on Free V Bucks!

How to Get Fortnite Free V-Bucks

Truthfully, the most fun Fortnite game to play is Battle Royale. Not only because it is free-to-play, but the sheer numbers of people committed to this game should say something about the quality of play you will get.

Fortnite has been working on making the other versions free as well and maybe integrating all the games so you can flow from one version to the next, but all that remains to be seen.

So, back to Free V-Bucks.

We are going to start you off with the best method yet.

Method Number 1: Register on Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a renowned Reward Site that offers points for simple tasks. You can earn your free V Bucks by simply registering on Swagbucks and completing a few tasks for rewards points.

Among the most common tasks include watching videos, playing beta video games, and taking surveys. If you want to accumulate points fast, login every day, complete as many easy tasks as you can and you will have enough points for a Free V Bucks Gift Card in no time.

Be on the look out for similar sites advertised on Swagbucks to increase your potential for earning points and getting rewards.

Method Number 2: Register on MyPoints is another famous Reward Site which offers simple undertakings for points. Register on MyPoints and watch videos, take surveys, or play video games to earn enough points for a V Bucks Gift Card.

Points can also be converted to cash which you can then use to purchase your V- Bucks. If you faithfully complete several tasks daily, you will have your Free V Bucks in a matter of days.

Method Number 3: Log-in to Fortnite Battle Royale Every Day

Every day you log-in to Battle Royale, you earn free V Bucks. They may not be many, but they are for Free!

Other than our Free V Bucks Generator, this is perhaps the easiest way to earn free V Bucks. Rule of Thumb: Log-in every day even if you do not intend to play.

For free V- Bucks, it can’t hurt to take a few minutes to sign-in.

Method Number 4: Take Part in Fortnite Daily Quests

Fortnite has Daily Quests for you to complete. You may be tempted to ignore the quests and go ahead to play your game. Don’t do it.

Daily Quests reward you with Free V Bucks for every quest completed. To be precise, you earn 50 Free V Bucks for every successfully completed quest.

 The quests include:

  • Daily Destroy (Garden Gnomes): If you destroy up to 3 Garden Gnomes in any successful quest, you will receive 50 Free V-Bucks. Garden Gnomes are hidden all over the landscape especially in places with yards. You can be lucky to find a shop in the City full of them.
  • Daily Destroy (Fire Trucks): Destroy 3 Fire Trucks in any successful quest and you will get 50 Free V Bucks. Fire Trucks are typically in fire stations in City Zones. You can also find a random one packed by the roadside.
  • Daily Destroy (Server Racks): Try and obliterate 4 Server Racks in any victorious daily quest. You will be rewarded with 50 Free V-Bucks. Server Racks are found outside Bunkers in Forest Zones or Shelters in the Industrial Zones.
  • Daily Destroy (Arcade Machines): Annihilate 6 Arcade Machines in any winning daily quest. Your reward will be 50 Free V-Bucks. Arcade Machine reside in City Zones. Check in cyber cafes, convenience stores, and other arcade areas.
  • Daily Destroy (Park Seesaws): If you ruin 8 Park Seesaws during any successfully completed quest you shall receive 50 Free V-Bucks. Park Seesaws are located in the suburbia in private backyards or public parks.
  • Daily Destroy (Teddy Bears): Obliterating 8 Teddy Bears in a victorious quest earns you 50 Free V-Bucks. Teddy Bears are commonly in the Suburban Zones in private homes and apartment buildings in City Zones. However, you may be lucky to find a toy store in the City filled with them.
  • Daily Destroy (Propane Tanks): Blowing up 10 Propane Tanks in a successful quest is a sure-fire way to earn 50 Free V-Bucks. Propane Tanks are usually in the Industrial Zones and gas stations in the City.
  • Daily Destroy (TVs): Destroying 20 TVs in a single victorious quest will earn you 50 Free V-Bucks. TVs are found all over the map. In the City Zone electronic shops, apartment buildings, and entertainment joints. In the Suburban Zones you can go door to door. 
  • Daily Scouting Industrial Construction: Find 5 Industrial Sites in a single daily quest and you will be rewarded with 50 Free V-Bucks.

Method Number 5: Level Up!

This is a pretty fun way to earn free V Bucks. Levelling up is essentially just playing the game better than your opponents.

The more you play and win, the more you gain experience points and battle stars. You want to participate in as many daily quests and Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges as possible. 

Also, crushing challenges like the ones listed above will go a long way in ensuring you gain experience and battle stars.

Eventually, as you trade your experience and battle stars at the Fortnite Store, a number of tiers will reward you with 100 Free V-Bucks.

Rule of Thumb: This hack is all about playing with zest and skill. Epic Games wants you to have as much fun as possible in their games and that’s why they reward sheer determination.

Method Number 6: Upgrade your Xbox to the Eon Bundle

Xbox is offering a whooping 2000 Free V Bucks when you upgrade to the Xbox One S Eon Bundle.

Now there was a bit of confusion regarding this offer because Xbox was very hush hush about it.

The Eon Bundle is essentially a FULL Download of Fortnite Games, Eon Skin, and 2000 V Bucks. What brought the confusion is that some players got the V Bucks and others didn’t.

To dispel the confusion, the 2000 Free V-Bucks are compensation for the Save The World game which is part of the FULL Download Fornite package. If you already got Save The World, then you don’t need another copy, so you get the free V Bucks instead.

But if you don’t have Save the World, you get the game and no V-Bucks. 

But when you need V-Bucks really bad, just go to our Free V Bucks Generator for unlimited V-Bucks all day, every day.

Final Thoughts

We fully recognize how addictive Fortnite Games are and all we want is for you to have fun playing. Our Free V-Bucks Generator is bound to make this easy for you.

If you have any thoughts, please feel free to share. We love to hear from you.